Current Exhibition Performing Drawology 15 Jan - 12 Feb 2016

2016 is set to be another ambitious year for the Gallery, as we seek to challenge the function of a contemporary gallery space. We start with Performing Drawology. Artists are invited to spend a period of time in the Gallery to create lines, marks and tones that explore and respond to the space through different processes. In late February, Imprints of Culture will explore the contemporary production and use of Indian block prints. The exhibition shows how one of India’s foremost crafts has not only played a role in the ritual life of the subcontinent, but also in the creation of visual identity.

Finally, after a successful start we’re continuing with the Bonington Film Nights curated by local artist Joshua Lockwood, and look forward to the forthcoming season of screenings.

Download the What’s On Guide for February – July 2016.

CURRENT EXHIBITIONIllumine5 Feb - 12 Feb 2016
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