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The films and podcasts will be used to accompany our exhibition programme, and will take the form of exhibition audio guides and exhibition preview films, artist and academic staff interviews and round-table discussions – as well as including selected extracts from performances and live lectures.


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Video #018: Matt Woodham: Sensing Systems


“..It’s all live and being generated in real time… you can control it and you can influence it.”
Artist Matt Woodham speaks about his exhibition, ‘Sensing Systems’.

For Sensing Systems, Woodham’s debut solo exhibition, the gallery will be filled with a composition of connected installations, positioning visitors within a system of light, sound and motion. Visual and kinetic events will be sequenced by a central processing unit which distributes signals around the room. The audience can interact with the system, which alongside random data sources and a sensitivity to initial conditions, will create a unique experience for each viewer.

Video courtesy Matt Woodham and Reece Straw.

Find out more on the exhibition page.


To mark the opening of his solo exhibition here at the Gallery, Giorgio Sadotti led 80+ volunteers in an INAUGURATING INCANTATION. With the audience entering in silence and into near total darkness, the performance evoked the sense of a sort-of ritual taking place in a cave. Evidence of the performance has now been left in the space, creating an installation which will remain throughout the duration of the exhibition.

SHAPELESS IMPACT NOT TIME SLOW IS (FLITS BY) is the latest exhibition by artist and Nottingham Trent University alumnus, Giorgio Sadotti.

With contributions from guest artists:

Find out more on the exhibition page.

Video #017: Mould Map 6 – TERRAFORMERS

Aerial documentation of Mould Map 6 – TERRAFORMERS, an exhibition curated by Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler.

Set against the background hum of sci-fi imaginaries common to all Mould Map projects, Terraformers brings together over 50 artists and designers whose work embraces different approaches to ‘world-making’, the notion of creating one’s own world – both fictional and non-fictional.

For more info / images, visit the Mould Map 6 – Terraformers exhibition page.

Footage courtesy of Landfill Editions / Claire Davies.

Video #016: Publishing Rooms

A commissioned exhibition from Andrew and Iain Foxall of Foxall Studio, London, curated by Tom Godfrey at Bonington Gallery.

Running over 6 weeks, the exhibition, titled ‘Publishing Rooms’, utilised various flatbed scanners, reconfigured and connected to the internet.

Visitors used the different scanner set-ups to make content, all published instantaneously on the dedicated website Over 80,000 scans were produced.

A vivid brand (from logo and colours to the tone of voice) was created around the exhibition, online and offline promotions, and website.

Read a transcript of discussion between curator Tom Godfrey and Andrew and Iain Foxall:

Visit the exhibition’s dedicated website with documentation of each visitor’s scans:

Find out more:

VIDEO #015: Time Lapse: Performing Drawology

Over the course of one month artists were invited to spend a period of time in the Gallery creating lines, marks and tones that explore and respond to the space through a variety of drawing processes.

This time lapse video captures the entire process, with one photo taken every 30 seconds, providing a detailed record of the exhibition as a whole, and giving the viewer a unique insight into the work of each artist during each of their residencies.

Artists included » humhyphenhum » Lorraine Young » Catherine Bertola » Joe Graham » Andrew Pepper » Martin Lewis and John Court.

For more information, visit the Performing Drawology exhibition page.

Video #014: An Audience with Alan Kitching

On Thursday 8 October, 2015, students, visitors, and design enthusiasts gathered together at Nottingham Trent University as Alan Kitching talked about his life in letterpress – sharing the stories and inspiration behind works from his career, followed by a special evening viewing of Five Pioneers of the Poster. This video contains the audio recording of Alan’s talk, along with the visuals he used during the presentation.

This talk took place as part of Alan Kitching and Monotype: Celebrating Five Pioneers of the Poster exhibition here at the Gallery, which was on display from Saturday 19 September – Friday 23 October, 2015. Visit the exhibition page for more information.

video #012 / #013: Five Pioneers of the Poster - Behind the Scenes

Here’s a couple of quick videos we captured during the installation of Alan Kitching and Monotype: Celebrating Five Pioneers of the Poster. Watch as Daniel Chehade (curator of the exhibition and founder of Studio Chehade) and Gwen Steele (Events and Sponsorship manager at Monotype) lay out pieces from the Monotype archive and personal collections for display – including books, personal letters, original type drawings and rare, first edition type specimens.

Watching the books placed on the table like this reminded us of setting out a printing  press. Visit the exhibition page for more information.

video #011: Alan Kitching and Monotype

Ahead of the Alan Kitching and Monotype exhibition here in September 2015, Alan provides us with a behind-the-scenes look into his studio and shares his thoughts on creating typography.

Read more about the exhibition.

Video #010: Time Lapse: Simon Callery: Soft Painting

This exhibition draws our attention to the central role materials and process play in defining the final result.

Simon Callery creates paintings that communicate on a physical level. A painting can be soft or hard as much as it can be red or green.

From 13 – 29 April, Simon Callery worked in the gallery space with a selected group of Nottingham Trent University BA (Hons) Fine Art students, and a group of Nottingham-based artists to produce three large-scale works. Watch the whole process unfold from making through to installation in the time lapse above!

You can also view still photographs documenting the making process here: Soft Painting Week 1 Recap / Soft Painting Week 2 Recap.

Find out more about Soft Painting here.

VIDEO #009: Time Lapse: Made In Wood

Time Lapse: Made in Wood from Bonington Gallery on Vimeo.

From Wednesday 11 March – Wednesday 18 March, Architecture students and staff from Nottingham Trent University and Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway took part in a unique collaborative project.

Taking inspiration from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, the students have addressed how global cities seem to challenge the laws of gravity, with soaring skyscrapers that compete to reach imposing heights.

Watch as a city of three distinctive districts overlooked by a bridge takes form in the Gallery….find out more about the Made in Wood project here.

VIDEO #008: In Conversation with Simon Callery

Ahead of his show here at Bonington Gallery in April / May 2015, Simon Callery invited us down to his studio just outside of London.

Surrounded by existing work, and new works in different stages of production, Simon and Gallery Resource Manager Tom Godfrey discuss the process of creating a painting and Simon’s approach to colour, as well as thoughts on collaboration, experimentation and the viewing of work… plus much more. Find out more about Soft Painting here.

AUDIO #003 Debate: Grand Challenges: Your Future. Your City

Is there hope for public engagement in Future Cities?

Recorded in March 2014, this debate was the first in a series of debates to coincide with the celebrations of 170 Years of Art & Design education at Nottingham Trent University.

The panel discussed some of the challenges that Nottingham (and other similar cities around the world) face in terms of public engagement, and what role the arts can – or should – play in overcoming these challenges.

Chaired by:        
» Dr Rachel Jones, Founder and Director, Instrata

Panel members:
» Kay Hardiman, Head of Learning, Nottingham Contemporary
» Venu Dhupa, Independent Consultant
» George Gabriel, Community Organiser, Nottingham Citizens
» John Taylor, Owner and Founder, The Entente Consultancy

Other debates in the series (podcasts coming soon):
» September 2014: Design and Personalisation: Does it empower or exploit?
» November 2014: New Technologies are Killing Hand-made Craft
» December 2014: The Image is Dead. Long Live the Image.
» January 2015: Community-based Performance: the saviour of British theatre?

To find out more visit, or take a look at our events pages.

Bonington Gallery Podcast #003 Debate: Grand Challenges: Your Future. Your City

VIDEO #007: Beyond the Line

Exclusive documentation of the “Live Exploration Sessions” which took place as part of Beyond the Line – which saw the Gallery transformed by three artists into an experimental method laboratory for one week in April, 2014.

VIDEO #006: Bonington Gallery x Jon Burgerman: Mural Time Lapse

Work is fun. Fun is work.

Five days of painting condensed into three-and-a-half minutes of colour, doodling and lots of climbing up and down ladders.

Big thanks to Jon Burgerman, Josh Monk, Oliver Tirre, and Geoff Litherland for making this project happen.

Read more about the project (and check out photos of two of the murals) here.

Video #005: Debra Swann: Dwelling - Artist Interview

Go behind the scenes of Dwelling with artist and Fine Art lecturer, Debra Swann to get an insight into the themes, ideas and work in the show. 

We caught up with Debra in her studio at Primary in Nottingham, and joined her on a trip to Calke Abbey in Derbyshire, as she continued to produce work for the exhibition taking place here at the Gallery in October 2014.

VIDEO #004: Sean Cummins: The Potato Eaters Discover Cold Fusion - Artist Interview Pt. 2

PART TWO of a studio interview with artist Sean Cummins, also featuring highlights from the launch of his solo show in March, 2014.

VIDEO #003: Sean Cummins: The Potato Eaters Discover Cold Fusion - Artist Interview

PART ONE of a studio interview with artist Sean Cummins, ahead of his solo show in March, 2014.

AUDIO #002: Magic Light (discussing D.H. Lawrence, the Arkwright building, lighting design and more...)

In this episode, Jim Dale and Alan Crisp, both principal lecturers in Product Design at Nottingham Trent University, discuss Magic Light – an exhibition of lighting and poetry which follows Since 1843: In the Making, in celebrating 170 years of Art and Design education in Nottingham.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Wednesday 26 February until Thursday 6 March, with a special launch event which coincides with Nottingham Light Night on Friday 28 February (5 pm – 7 pm). If you would like to attend the launch event, please RSVP to

To find out more about Magic Light, visit the exhibition page.

To find out more about the 170 Year celebrations, visit the NTU 170 Years website.

#002 Magic Light (Discussing D.H. Lawrence, the Arkwright Building, Lighting Design and more...)

VIDEO #002: Since 1843: In the Making - Launch Event

Filmed at the exhibition launch event on Wednesday 8 January, 2014.

AUDIO #001: Since 1843: In the Making - Exhibition Guide

The first Bonington Gallery podcast takes the form of an audio guide for the Since 1843: In the Making exhibition – narrated by Professor Terry Shave and Associate Dean, Julie Pinches.

Open to the public from Thursday 9 January until Friday 7 February ( Monday – Friday 10 am – 5 pm, Saturday 11 am – 4 pm, closed Sundays). The exhibition celebrates the work of Nottingham Trent Art and Design alumni from across the last 170 years… also featuring a wealth of recent talent and ones-to-watch.

To find out more about the exhibition, visit the exhibition page here – or check out the Since 1843 website.

To download and save the podcast as an MP3, right-click on the audio player below, then click “Save audio as…”

Bonington Gallery Podcast #001 Since 1843: In the Making - Audio Guide

VIDEO #001: Drawology - Launch Event

Filmed at the Drawology exhibition launch on Wednesday 20 November, 2013. 

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