Sara MacKillop: One Room Living

We are pleased to present Sara MacKillop’s first UK institutional solo exhibition since 2010.

One Room Living takes as its starting point the spaces within Nottingham Trent University that cater for leisure and recreational activity. By appropriating the motifs of art supplies, vending machines and spatial furnishing, MacKillop presents a series of works and interactions that reference the wide variety of spatial uses that directly surround Bonington Gallery – analysing not only the gallery’s site and situation, but also how the wider institution’s function is represented across a multitude of spaces.

Accompanying the exhibition is a display of MacKillop’s wide array of published and self-published printed matter, produced across a nine-year period, housed within the vitrine cases in the gallery foyer.

Sara MacKillop is an artist living and working in London. She studied at the Royal College of Art, London, from 1999 to 2001. Recent solo exhibitions include Window Display, Haus der Kunst Munich, 2016; Temporary Bond, Clages, Cologne, 2016; Sculpture Room, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim, 2014; Post, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, 2013.


Our curator Tom Godfrey caught up with Sara MacKillop to discuss her thoughts on images, sculpture, printed matter and more in preparation for the opening of One Room Living. Read their conversation here…



1-7. Intallation View

8. Pen Fence 5, 2017
Digital print on vinyl installed on steps and wall, dimensions variable

9a & 9 b. Loyalty Map, 2017
Digital print, 42 x 52 cm

10. PaintBrushes, 2017
Digital print on photographic paper, Ikea Kitchen handles, dimensions variable

11a & 11b. Ikea Plant, 2017
Digital print on fly poster, dimensions variable

12. Slush Machine, 2017
Found working object on trolley, dimensions variable

13. Pen Fence 6, 2017
Digital print on vinyl not installed, dimensions variable

14-21. Installation views from Bonington Vitrines #4: Sara MacKillop publications, 2008-2017

Exhibition Photography: Julian Lister


This exhibition is supported by the Elephant Trust.



Fri 3 Nov 2017 - Fri 8 Dec 2017


Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm; Saturday 4 November and Saturday 2 December, 11 am – 3.30 pm



Thu 2 Nov 2017


5 pm – 7 pm

If you would like to attend this event please RSVP to confirm your attendance.

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