Bonington Film Night #3: Benedict Drew, Jacob Dwyer, Matthew Noel-Tod and Heather Phillipson

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7 Jan - 7 Jan 2016


Bonington Film Night #3: Benedict Drew, Jacob Dwyer, Matthew Noel-Tod and Heather Phillipson



Curated by Joshua Lockwood

For the third in its series of popular screening events, Bonington Gallery is pleased to present four films by » Benedict Drew » Jacob Dwyer » Matthew Noel-Tod and Heather Phillipson.

Each of the artists approach the process of filmmaking in differing ways but there are clear and common threads that run between each of the selected films. Each of the artists have used text to deliver and highlight the narrative within their film. Differing speeds of sequences in each film allows intonations of the text; or none in the case of Dywer’s relentless text – using Spritz technology, which allows viewers to read up to 1,000 words per minute.

The works presented have real and constructed references, actual and virtual landscapes, the overlaying of manufactured imagery, and the production of digital realms – each has a relationship with the developments of technology.



» Benedict Drew

Based in London, his recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition at Quad Derby (part of the Grand Tour) and at Matt’s Gallery, London. He has shown work in group exhibitions at Island Gallery, Brussels and the Museum of Arts and Design, New York.

» Jacob Dwyer

Based in Amsterdam, he recently completed a residency at De Ateliers. He currently has an exhibition at C&H Art Space, Amsterdam and has completed a residency with Delta Works in New Orleans.

» Matthew Noel-Tod

Based in London, Matthew is currently course leader of Moving Image at University of Brighton. From 2010 – 2015 he was a recipient of the ACME Studios Fire Station Work/Live Programme. He also took-up artist-in-residence in Victoria Park, London with Chisenhale Gallery in 2012.

» Heather Phillipson

Based in London, Heathers recent exhibitions include a solo installation at Performa, New York and at Istanbul Biennnial, Turkey. She also has an upcoming exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, London.


Image: HEATHER PHILLIPSON, put the goat in the goat boat, 2014, digital still, HD video. Courtesy of the artist.